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Wall covering

A simple change in the color or design of the wall can make a significant change in the appearance of a room. It can turn from cold and dull to something interesting and welcoming. If you own a commercial property, you naturally want it to feel warm and welcoming. Choosing the right wall covering can be the key to creating the right environment in your property.

We at Absolute Drywall Construction can help you. We’re expert commercial building wall covering contractor in Washington, D.C. with a well established reputation in this industry. We will make sure that your wall coverings look great and stay put for a very long time.

Choosing a Good Wall Covering

It’s not easy to choose the right wall covering, especially if you want to install it in a commercial property. You want something that would appeal to your customers and have a positive impact on them. We recommend that you consider your targeted customers and think about the environment you want to create. The different types of wall coverings we use in our work include:

  • Grass cloth
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Paper Backed Vinyl/Solid Sheet Vinyl
  • Other such wall covering materials

If you aren’t too sure about what would look good in your commercial establishment, you can always ask for help from our experts. They have the skill and the experience to offer you solid advice on colors, textures, and materials. They will consider your requirements and your budget before offering you their suggestions.

How can we help?

We have handled a number of wall covering projects over the years and are familiar with different materials and techniques. We know how to apply each and every one of them securely and evenly. There would be no uneven surfaces or bubbles underneath the wall covering after we’ve finished the job.

We’re also fully capable of repairing the wall if it has sustained any damage. For example, if the drywall underneath the old wallpaper/covering is stained and water damaged, we will repair it before we apply a new wall covering over it. After working in this industry for so long, we have honed our skills and can remove and apply wall coverings quickly. You will find your property looking fresh and appealing in a matter of days!

As a well-established commercial building wall covering contractor in Northern Virginia, we also take great care to ensure that our speed doesn’t have an impact on the quality of our work. For more information about exterior painting or our services as commercial building wall covering contractor in Baltimore, please feel free to contact us at Absolute Drywall Construction. Our number is 301-977-0218. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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