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Sound Attenuation Blankets

Noise can have a significant impact on the overall performance of your employees. Surveys and research have shown that people who work in high noise environments, experience increased levels of stress. This can have an impact on employee health and productivity; which in turn would directly affect your business.

The one way to tackle this issue is to install some form of sound insulation on your commercial property. At Absolute Drywall Construction, we usually install sound attenuation blankets in recording studios and commercial properties where sound insulation is absolutely essential. These blankets are extensively used in regular office buildings and retail establishments too.

What are Sound Attenuation Blankets?

The blankets are specifically-designed to absorb and divert sound. They’re made from a light-weight fiberglass material and are relatively easy to install. Most sound attenuation blankets can improve the Sound Transmission Class by 4-10 dBs. It ensures the recordings inside the insulated room are clear and disruption-free. That’s why they are also a great option for any commercial building where you need indoors spaces that are cut-off from external sounds.

Why Use Sound Attenuation Blankets?

Excessive sound can result in a number of health problems in your employees. It’s very important to give them a reasonably quiet environment to work in. By isolating noise-generating machinery and generators in a sound-proof room, you can ensure your employees aren’t exposed to constant levels of loud noise.

Sound insulation is also important when your commercial property is located in a place with high noise levels. For example, if your property is located near a railway station, or near a busy street, the constant loud noise can impact the indoor workings in your establishment. That’s why you need to consider getting installing attenuation blankets on your commercial property.

Why hire us as your insulation contractors in Baltimore?

When you call us for installation of these blankets, we will first assess your commercial property and see whether the noise levels are high enough to warrant this installation. Our experts will provide you an honest and professional opinion on it and we will also provide you a detailed and reasonable quote.

As one of the best drywall insulation contractors in Washington, D.C., we have plenty of experience in installing these features. You are assured that only the best materials will be used in the work and that the installation will be carried out professionally and efficiently.

Please feel free to contact us at Absolute Drywall Construction. Our number is 301-977-0218. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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