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Rigid Insulation

You need the right amount of insulation to maintain a comfortable environment inside a building. If it’s not installed properly, the HVAC system would have to work harder to maintain the right indoor temperature. That would increase your energy bills and impact your operational costs. Unfortunately, no matter how efficient your HVAC system is, you’ll have hot spots or cold spots in areas where the outdoor air seeps in.

At Absolute Drywall Construction, we take care to install insulation properly, making sure that there are no gaps that allow the outside air to infiltrate the indoor spaces. We’re experienced drywall insulation contractors in Washington D.C. and know how to work with a variety of materials, including rigid insulation.

What is Rigid Insulation?

Rigid insulation is also known as rigid foam or foam board insulation. It comes in different sizes, so it can be used in a variety of applications, including building exteriors, wall cavities, and foundations. Different kinds of foams are used in these boards such as:

  • EPS – Expanded polystyrene is very popular and is commonly used in commercial building applications. This foam has the lowest R-value but is very affordable. While it does absorb a certain amount of water, it’s considered to be a good insulating material.
  • XPS – XPS stands for extruded polystyrene. It’s made from the same material as EPS, but the manufacturing process is different. It has a good R-Value and is more water-resistant than EPS. Like EPS, it’s generally considered semi-permeable. However, it performs better when it’s faced. It’s also a vapor-retarder, so you don’t have to worry about trapped moisture.
  • ISO – ISO stands for polyisocyanurate. This is the most expensive rigid foam insulation, but you get what you pay for. It has high R-value and performs well in all conditions. It’s sprayed on a surface to form a thick, rigid barrier, ensuring there are no gaps. We usually use ISO in exterior applications because it can create a vapor barrier.

Why hire us?

We have a lot of experience working with rigid foam insulation and understand how it performs. Like all insulation, these boards need to be installed properly, to deliver the best performance. When you hire us as your drywall insulation contractors in Northern Virginia, we ensure the best materials are used in the work and the workmanship is of the highest quality too.

We make sure that the rigid foam insulation boards are installed well and there are no gaps present to let the outside air in. For more information about this material, or to hire the best drywall insulation contractors in Baltimore, please feel free to contact us at Absolute Drywall Construction. Our number is 301-977-0218. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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