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Installation of Wood Base, Chair Rails, Wainscoting, Window Sill, and Aprons

There are several small touches and installations that would give your commercial property a finished look. While these installations often seem merely ornamental, they have a purpose and make your office or store look professional and clean. At Absolute Drywall Construction, we can provide a skilled finish carpenter in Washington, D.C. to complete these tasks and give your commercial property a polished look. That would leave a good impression on your customers and visitors and improve your business reputation.

Installing Wood Base

Wood base or baseboards have been around for a very long time. Most people assume that they’re just decorative and don’t have any function. Our expert carpenters don’t believe that’s true. In fact, we strongly recommend installing wood base in your commercial property because it will:

  • Give the wall a finished, elegant look.
  • Protect the wall from scuff marks, accidental dents and knocks, and water marks from mops.
  • The wood base would also cover up any uneven edges and flaws.

Installing Chair Rails

You don’t want your drywall to be damaged or stained by the movement of chairs. Unfortunately, that’s common in commercial properties. After all, your visitors won’t pay attention to their chairs hitting/rubbing against the wall. One of the best ways to address this problem is to install chair rails. These trims are installed on the drywall a few feet above the ground and would protect it from the movement of the chairs.

Installing Wainscoting

Wainscoting, like chair rails, is also a trim and it covers the few feet of drywall closest to the floor. Wainscoting will also protect your drywall from accidents and stains. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and will add a distinct design element to your property.

Window Sills and Aprons

Window sills help keep the entire window frame in place. They’re tilted towards the window to drain any rainwater that falls on them, away from the interior of the home. The window apron acts as a support to the window sill and will ensure that it stays in place.

Our experienced finish carpenter in Northern Virginia is an expert in these delicate carpentry tasks. They will make sure that your commercial property looks great,

For more information about wood base, chair rails, wainscoting, window sill, and aprons or our services as carpentry contractor in Baltimore, please feel free to contact us at Absolute Drywall Construction. Our number is 301-977-0218. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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