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What Fire Ratings Mean for Drywall

Fire Ratings

Restaurant kitchens usually have fire rated drywall to stop kitchen fires. What kind of drywall do you need?

Even regular drywall will help slow down house fires. This is due to drywall having a 21% water content, which during a fire is released as steam. The failure point is when the drywall begins to crumble and the fire can continue on its warpath. Fire-rated drywall, on the other hand, contains glass fibers that let the wall maintain its structure for a longer time, slowing down the spread of the fire. Here’s everything you need to know about fire ratings and drywall.

Different Panels, Different Applications

Standard drywall will only provide a half hour of fire resistance. This is the kind of drywall that is most likely throughout your home, as it is the cheapest, but as a result, it does not offer the same kind of fire ratings or sound deadening as more expensive drywall would. Of course, this doesn’t take into account any of the other fixtures your home may have, such as what kind of doors you have or whether or not you have wood or steel studs holding your drywall in place.

Beefing Up Fire Protection

If you’re building an area particularly prone to fires, you may want to invest in drywall with higher fire ratings. Places like restaurant kitchens or home garages are more susceptible to fire damage, so if you can stop the fire in its tracks there, it’s best to do so. ⅝” fire-rated drywall, or Type X, has a full hour of fire rating. There is drywall that is even rated for two, three, or four hour fire ratings. You may need to special order such drywall, but if fire is a real concern for you, it may be worth the investment.

Quality Drywall from Absolute Drywall

Regardless of the reason why you want new drywall in your home, Absolute Drywall Construction can help. We have a team of experienced expert contractors who can complete any and all of your drywall, construction, insulation installation, cabinetry, and painting needs. We are based in Gaithersburg, MD and we serve the entire Baltimore/Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. For a free quote, give us a call at (301) 977-0218 or visit us online. To see examples of our work, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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