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Does Damaged Drywall Need to be Replaced?

Does your damaged drywall need replacement?

Does your damaged drywall need replacement?

Water damaged drywall can cause significant issues down the road, even if a deceptively small amount of water damage has occurred. Whether it’s a large obvious disaster, or something that seems insignificant, when drywall is damaged this damage must be addressed and corrected promptly. If you are wondering if your damaged drywall requires replacement, read on.  


Worst Case Scenario For Drywall Damage

Even what appears to be minimal water damage can be more serious than it seems. In fact, it is not uncommon for damaged drywall to suddenly crash to the floor without warning. In the blink of an eye an entire ceiling can be gone. This is caused by the weight of water or the compromised structural integrity of the gypsum core. This leads to drywall panels ripping away from their fasteners.  


What To Look For When Assessing Drywall Damage


Even if it does not look like much water damage has occurred, it does not take much to lead to serious problems. There are a number of signs you can look for when inspecting your drywall. One of the things you will notice in the instance of damage, is depressions around the fasteners. There will be small dimples formed in the drywall surrounding the nails or screws as gravity takes its toll on them. They droop and leave upside down craters. If you notice these, remove everything valuable from the room and prepare for a ceiling collapse.  


How Does Your Ceiling Feel?


If your ceiling has no craters and feels hard, like drywall that has not gotten wet, then there is a chance you dodged the replacement or repair bullet. However, if a part feels soft or spongy it has definitely been water damaged and it is a good idea to cut it away before it falls or damages the rest of your ceiling. Remember to cut carefully when you do this, as all sorts of wires, cables, radiant heating pipes, and more can be on the other side.   


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