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How to Add Character to Your Drywall


Adding character to your drywall is easier than you think!

Drywall is an incredibly flexible surface, but part of its flexibility is that it is very plain, to begin with. There are many different ways to help add character to your drywall with the other things in the room and adding elements to the walls themselves. Here are some of our favorite methods!

Add Wood

If you don’t already have hardwood flooring, consider installing some in your home. Wood makes every space feel more organic, natural, and warm. If you don’t have the budget or ability to add wood flooring into your home, add wood accents throughout the room instead. Wooden furniture, like a cozy chair or side table, can add a lot of character to your drywall without breaking the bank.

Replace Default Hardware

Swap out the standard hardware that came with your furniture or home with unique hardware that you love. The most common hardware can get boring over time, so take your time and browse for something more special. Try brass or copper-colored hardware for a unique looking upgrade to warm up the room and add some character to plain old drywall.

Change Up Your Lighting

The lighting in your room totally changes the way that you perceive it. A quick and easy way to break out of the boring drywall mold is by adding new lighting or even changing the warmth of your lighting. Multiple light sources create a room that feels warm and glowing, instead of a room with harsh overhead lighting.

Add Some Greenery

Another way to add character to your drywall is by introducing some greenery into the room. Plants not only help with the air quality of the room but also are shown to make you more productive and more relaxed. Try adding planters, succulents, or even hanging baskets to your room to spice up plain drywall and make it feel like your own living space.

Quality Drywall from Absolute Drywall

Regardless of the reason why you want new drywall in your home, Absolute Drywall Construction can help. We have a team of experienced expert contractors who can complete any and all of your drywall, construction, insulation installation, cabinetry, and painting needs. We are based in Gaithersburg, MD and we serve the entire Baltimore/Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. For a free quote, give us a call at (301) 977-0218 or visit us online. To see examples of our work, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.




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