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Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Today, most commercial establishments use a range of wall acoustic systems on their premises. While this is a basic requirement in spaces such as theaters, auditoriums, music halls and recording studios, acoustic installations are part and parcel of construction and remodeling projects in office buildings, mall spaces, retail establishments etc.

It’s an excellent way to improve the energy-efficiency of a building and helps reduce the noise pollution in indoor spaces too. However, no insulation is complete without the installation of Acoustic Ceiling Systems in Baltimore. We at Absolute Drywall Construction are one of the front-running contractors in this space, and serve commercial clients across Washington D.C. Baltimore and Northern Virginia.

Types of Acoustic Ceiling System Installations

We handle end-to-end design and installation of all types of acoustic ceiling systems including:

  • Custom acoustic ceiling panels – These are all-purpose ceiling panels which are specifically designed for use in spaces where sound value and absorption are the primary criteria. We have successfully used these at theatres, auditoriums, libraries and offices.
  • Large, heavy-duty panels – These are especially used in high-traffic areas that require tackable & impact-resistant surfaces that provide excellent acoustical absorption such as hallways, lobbies, corridors and other similar spaces.
  • Access ceiling systems – The systems are installed in commercial settings where a monolithic appearance is required. They provide easy accessibility to the plenum spaces and offer excellent acoustics.
  • Gridlock – This type of ceiling panels are typically used in areas where the designing intention is to either minimize/hide the ceiling grid structure. They help create a more uniform look compared to the conventional tile/grid ceilings. The other advantage of this type of Acoustic Ceiling System Installation in Washington D.C. is that these panels can be easily lifted and shifted.

Expert and custom acoustic ceiling system installations

When you approach us with your Acoustic Ceiling Systems in Baltimore requirements, we take all your specifications into consideration and focus on factors such as acoustics, maintenance and aesthetics. All our ceiling system installation is carried out in a very methodical and precise manner and the entire ceiling will look elegant and well finished.

We use the latest materials and the best workmanship in every project and this ensures the longevity of the installation. For any questions and enquiries about customized Acoustic Ceiling Systems in Northern Virginia, please feel free to contact us at Absolute Drywall Construction. Our number is 301-977-0218. You can also fill in this contact us form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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