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Completing Every Job with "Absolute" Dedication

About Absolute Drywall Construction

Established in 2012, Absolute Drywall Construction, LLC. is a growing, family owned company based out of Gaithersburg, Maryland and serving the DC Metro Area. We offer reliable and affordable alternative to your drywall, painting, and carpentry needs. Since its inauguration, the company has been a strong competitor in the commercial construction field and our founder, Lorena Delgado, with over 12 years experience in the construction industry has led her team to a major takeoff into the 21st century.


Lorena Delgado President of Absolute Drywall ConstructionPresident and Administrative Officer
Lorena G. Delgado

Lorena G. Delgado is a self taught business woman who has acquired over 12 years of experience in the construction industry. Starting her first construction company in 2003, Mrs. Delgado has attained the experience and attitude that is required to persevere in today’s market. Her responsibilities are to oversee that each and every project is progressing according to schedule and on budget. With an accounting background, Mrs. Delgado meets and exceeds the qualities and experience needed to lead a company. With a strong perception of family values, she works closely with her two sons creating a unique working environment full of exemplary customer service and dedication.

Miguel E. Delgado - Chief Executive of Operations at Absolute Drywall ConstructionChief Executive of Operations
Miguel E. Delgado

With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, Miguel E. Delgado is responsible for leading operations on Absolute Drywall Construction’s largest projects in the Washington, DC metro area. In addition to providing management direction, establishing objectives and policies, maintaining relationships with clients and executing plans for the successful completion of these projects.

Fernando A. Delgado - ​Vice-President of Operations & Project Executive at Absolute Drywall ConstructionVice-President of Operations, Project Executive
Fernando A. Delgado
As the Vice-President of Absolute Drywall Construction, Fernando A. Delgado takes a personal interest in each of the projects under the company’s direction, and ensures that all site work is efficiently performed to the highest level of standards.


Tell us a little about your project or contact us directly at 301-977-0218.

Absolute Drywall Construction
8 Brooks Ave. Suite 203 Gaithersburg, MD 20877
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